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She thoughtfully teaches parents, educators and all of us what is within our power to do to prevent this horrendous crime.” ―Melysa Sperber, Director, Alliance to End Slavery & Trafficking“In Walking Prey, Holly exposes how the manipulative tactics of sex traffickers is made easier by the media; this revelation still makes my skin crawl.Something needs to be done so that our girls are not as easily lured by sex traffickers.For example, creditors must consider a reliable form of public assistance, such as disability payments, in the same way they would any other type of income.The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protects your right to privacy when it comes to credit reports, and provides the means to correct any errors in these reports.

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The FCRA also polices who can obtain your credit report and why.

Individual states may also have consumer protection laws on the books.

The ECOA prevents creditors from discriminating against you or refusing to grant you credit based on: Creditors can ask for some of this information, but they can’t base their decisions on it.

In general, someone can obtain your credit report only if he or she has a legitimate business reason to do so, or if you request a report on his or her behalf.

Legitimate business reasons include creditors doing credit report inquiries on prospective borrowers, employers handling employee benefit matters, and insurers doing a credit check before issuing a policy.

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